Drink great coffee.
Do great things.

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Where every dollar of profit goes to caring for orphaned children around the world!

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Are you familiar with

coffee purchase shaming?

(If not, it's ok. We made it up.)

You know, the voices (both internal and external) saying if you'd simply buy less coffee (and instead donate the money) you could solve world hunger, the orphan epidemic, malaria, education imbalances, and numerous other injustices.

Feel More Shame. Do Great Things.

Well, you won't hear that from us.

We believe the inverse is true.  

Drink Great Coffee. Do Great Things.

And we will invest as much as we possibly can in doing great things in your neighborhood and world.

Every Single Dollar of Net ProceedsWill Be Given Away.*

Inside the Christian Life Center

* There's nothing sketchy about our fine print. All net proceeds will be given away. Seriously. 

But while we have you here,  we would like you to know that we are looking for local organizations in Southern Chester County to support.  If you know of any, stop by the coffee shop and let us know! 

have your coffee.

drink it too.

The more you drink, the
more great things you'll do. 

We have three guiding beliefs.

1) Shame & guilt are terrible motivators.

They never lead us to places where we do reproducible and sustainable good. In fact, shame & guilt actually only lead us to feel more shame and guilt.   Likewise, doing great things leads to feeling great. You know what feels great? Drinking an incredible beverage knowing that while you are enjoying your drink, you are initiating great things to more places.

2) Everything is better in community.

Ever wished someone was with you when you were watching that funny sitcom?  Of course you have, because you would laugh more and better.  No one ever won Red Rover alone. 

We think it's possible if we all pool our resources (time, money, energy, experience, and expertise), we can do great things in our world, together. 

3) We were created to enjoy and do great      things.

We were made to change the world and were given taste buds to enjoy the flavor along the way.  We are committed to both. We will be a community that makes our world a better place.  AND we are 100% committed to offer the best products for your tastebuds to enjoy.

So, Drink Great Coffee. Do Great Things.


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